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Paper of Excise and Taxation Inspector held on 09-March-2014

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:59 am
by Asif
Past Paper of Excise and Taxation Inspector held on 09-March-2014 PPSC
Following are Olved and un-solved questions from the paper of Excise and taxation Inspector conducted by PPSC,ppsc inspector excise past paper

1)How many time Pakistan has been non-permanent member of Security Council- 7 times
2)Headquarters of NATO- Brussels
3)Pak Iran gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on- 11 March, 2013
4)Biman is the airline of- Bangladesh
5)Last GG of Pakistan- Sikandar Mirza
6)Banki Moon is - Secretary General of UNO
7)Banki Moon belongs to- South Korea
8)HQs of Red Cross- Geneva
9)Largest Muslim country by population- Indonesia
10)Pak Afghan border line- Durand Line
11)Haroof e Muqat'tat Quran me kitni bar ate hen- 29
12) Rabbe zidni ilma, kis surah me ata ha- Yasin (Not confirmed)
13)Turb ka kia matlab ha- Khushi
14)Ganje Frishte kis ki tasnif ha- Sa'adat Hassan Mantu
15)Pakistan Ban Gia- Khadija Mastur
16)Kon c surah ka end dua k sath hota ha- Al-Imran (Nt Cnfrmed)
17)Filthy..antonym- Clean
18)Water logging is caused by- seepage (confirm it)
19)Black continent - Africa
20)She dressed- in black clothes
21)She is very kind- to me
22)correct word- Accept
23)Pak Afghan gas pipeline is also known- peace pipeline
24)Karachi is among- 20 biggest cities in the world
25)Country as an UNO observer country- Kosovo
26)100 / 4/7 = 175
27) x-4=11 then x-8= 7
28) halfway b/w 103 and 301 - 202
29) 2 ki power x = 32 then x ki power 2 = 25

Re: Paper of Excise and Taxation Inspector held on 09-March-2014

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:59 am
by Asif
1. Pakistan and Afghanistan boarder name: Durand Line
2. India and China boarder name: Mcmohan Line
3. The distance between earth and sun in the winter: Decrease
4. Pakistan Iran pipeline: 11 March, 2013
5. Pakistan Iran pipeline is also called: Peace pipeline
6. Red Cross headquarters: Geneva
7. NATO headquarter: Brussels
8. Google: Search Engine
9. Objective Resolution translated in urdu: Zafar Ali Khan
10. Last Governor General of Pakistan: Skindar Mirza
11. Longest river of Baluchistan: Hangol
12. 23RD ASEAN summit: Brunei, Bandar Sari Bagwan
13. NAM total members: 120
14. United Nation members: 193
15. pehla sajda kis pare man ATA ha: 9
16. Ban Ki Moon: Secretary General of UNO
17. Ban Ki Moon belongs to : South Korea
18. Nelson Mandela spends: 27 years in jail
19. Winter Olympics 2014 held in: Sochi
20. How many chambers heart have: 4
21. Body Temperature : 98.4F
22. Boiling point of Water: 100 C
23. Reason of Water Logging is: Seepage
24. Partition of Bengal: Lord Curzon
25. Day of Deliverance: 22 December 1939
26. Skindar Hayat Khan become governor of Punjab: 1937
27. How many times Pakistan become the non permanent member of security council : 7times
28. Biman is the airline of: Bangladash
29. Nearest Planet to earth is: Venus
30. Largest Muslim country by population: Indonesia
31. Financial year ends on: 30 June
32. NWFP in kpk: 2010
33. Al-Jazeera television: Qatar
34. Stock Market falling: Crashing
35. Warsak Dam on : Kabul River
36. Sodium Chloride: Salt
37. Kinder Garden: Nursery School
38. Obama Belongs to: Democratic Party
39. Who is buried in Jerusalem: Mulana Muhammad ali Johar
40. Inexplicable: Cannot be explained
41. Ritcher Scale measures: Earthquake
42. Karachi is among biggest city: Top 20
43. Observer Non Member States are: 2
44. Observer State: Holy See
45. Black Continent: Africa
46. She dressed in black cloth.
47. She is very kind to me.
48. Correct word: Accept
49. Zealot: Fanatic
50. He is faster than his brother.
51. Wrong Word: Transpyre
52. 2x = 32 so x2=? ………. =25
53. 100 divided by 4/7: 175
54. Halfway between 103 and 301 : 202
55. X-4=11 then x-8=? …………………… 7
56. Filthy antonym: Clean
57. Haroof e Muqat'tat Quran me kitni bar ate hen: 29
58. Rabbi Zidni Illma: Taha
59. Inb-e-Insha: 1927
60. Ganje Farishty: Sadat Hussain Minto
61. Aik Kahani Bari Purani: Uzma Muneer
62. Mutla meanin in urdu:
63. Turb ka kia matlab ha- Khushi
64. Pakistan Ban Gia- Khadija Mastur
65. Kon c surah ka end dua k sath hota ha: ?
66. Abu al Anbia is the title of: ? Hazra Ibrahim
67. Hajj me ghalti: Bakry ke qurbani
68. Khushboo : Parveen Shakir
69. IK ho Muslim Haram Ki Pasbani k liye
70. World Population Day: 11 July
71. pakistan national flower. jasmin
72 davis cup : Czech Republic
73 quran pak Ka ak name Buhran mean: Hujat puri krni wali book
74. Radcliff was : Lawyer
75. SAARC members: 8
76. pakistan and india at ASHEN platform : 4times
77.use of other computer illegally: Hacking
78. She was the sole survivor of
79. umm ul kitab: Surah Fatiha
80. tantamounts
81. Nabi Pak ne 4 umray kab kiye: ?
82. ISO: organiszation of standardlization
83. Mohammad Education Institute: 1886
84. Partition Plan: 3 june, 1947
85. Jinnah of Pakistan: Stanley Wolpert
86. The ruler of Kashmir in 1947: Harii Singh
87. Ahmed Saleem belong to : Maldives
89: Now and Never written by: Ch. Rehmat Ali
90: Which country has no Veto power in UNO: Canada
91: Bahropia : Ghulam Abbas
92: Island near Karachi: Manora