Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs Part-2

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Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs Part-2

Post by Asif » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:51 am

Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs Part-2

Questions And Answers about Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs Part-2
Bold Options Are Correct Answers.

33.Original name of the Sher Shah was:
(a) Sher Khan (b) Hasan Khan (c) Farid Khan (d) None of these

34.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan retired from service in:
(a) 1875 (b) 1876 (c) 1877 (d) None of these

35 The Fraizi Movement was founded by:
(a) Dadhu Main (b)Shah Wali Ullah (c)Haji Shariat Ullah (d) None of these

36. The first Anglo-Sikh war started in:
(a) 1845 (b) 1846 (c) 1849 (d) None of these

37. Sir syed ahmed khan advocated the inclusion of Indians in Legislative Council in his famous book, Causes of the Indian Revolt, as early as
a) 1850 b) 1860 c) 1870 d) non of these

38. Who repeatedly refers to Sir Syed as Father of Muslim India and Father of Modern Muslim India
a) Hali b) Abdul Qadir c)Ch. Khaliquz Zaman d) non of these

39. Military strength of East India Company and the Financial Support of Jaggat Seth of Murshidabad gave birth to events at
a) Plassey b) Panipat c) Dehli d) non of these

40. The renowned author of the Spirit of Islam and History of the Saracens was
a) Shiblee b) Nawab Mohsin c) non of these
41. Tarikh-c-Farisha was written by:
(a) Noorullah (b) Mohammad Qasim (c) Minhaj Siraj

42. How many Times Mahmud invaded India:
(a) Ten (b) Thirteen (c) Seventeen

43. Sultan Aram Shah belonged to:
(a) Khilji dynasty (b) Tughluq Dynasty (c) None of these

44. -Abu Rehan Alberuni was:
(a) painter (b)poet (c) none of these

45. -Ibn-e-Batutah by birth was a:
(a) Turk (b)Afghan (c)None of these

46. Nizamuddin Auliya flourished during the reign of:
(a) Alauddin Khilji (b) Humayun (c) Akbar

47. -Guru Nanak lived during the reign of:
(a) Babur (b) Jehangir (c) None of these

48. ON which aspect of Islam did the great poest philospher Allama Iqbal emphasize in his famous book Reconstruction of Religous Thought in Islam
a) Jihad b) Interest c)Ijtihad

49. Sir Syed foudned MAO College in
a) 1868 b) 1877 c) 1885

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Re: Pakistan Studies and Indian History MCQs Part-2

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50. Who was A.O Hume
a) British foreign minister b) a retired civil officer c) governor general

51. Aligarh College was upgraded to the status of university in
a) 1898 b) 1910 c) 1920

52. From 1858 till 1870 nearly all British Politicians, authors blamed the Muslims for:
a. Disloyalty b. Independence c. Leadership

53. Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh Ali Hajvery came to India with
a. M.B.Qasim b. mahmud ghaznavi c. sultan masud of ghazna

54. Qutb ud din Aibak died during the game of
a.wrestling b.polo

55. Second battle of Tarain was fought in
a. 1092 b.1292 c.1192

56. Tipu Sultan is buried at
a) Delhi b) Agra c) Saringapatam

57. The war of Independence of 1857 started from
a) Delhi b) Meerath c) Cawnpore

58. Durand Line, which divides the borders of India and Afghanistan was finalized in the year:
(a) 1686 (b) 1886 (c) 1786

59. 4) Kitab-ul-Hind was written by:
(a) Zia uddin Burni (b)Minhaj Siraj (c) Al-Beruni

60. 13) The 1 st Battle of Panipat was fought in:
(a) 1521 AD (b) 1526 AD (c) 1531 AD

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